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DC Salas

Dawn Nostalgia

We’ve all felt it, we’ve all been moved and influenced by it... That twinkling sense of playfulness, hope and inspiration we get from a great night out. Pre-sleep, pre-hangover, pre-the world waking up; it’s that freeing, emotional sunrise vibe DC Salas has caught perfectly here with ‘Dawn Nostalgia’ in the second of a series of three EPs he’ll release before summer that all aim to celebrate the emotional intensity of club music.
The feels get even more palpable as we delve into ‘The Past’. A hat-doff to the foundations without being too sentimental or revivalist, it’s a deep-chugging, deftly layered electronic overture where each element entwines to ask and answer its own questions before ‘La Ballon Rouge’ concludes the triptych with a frisky, data-freaking, funk-bleeping, light-footed groove that rises in vibrancy and colour on every 32.
Remix-wise ‘Dawn Nostalgia’ gets a remodelling from Bell Towers who keeps the chords and emotional essence but wraps it around a more sinewy technoid drum arrangement while Betonkust dials up the tempo a smidgeon and streamlines ‘The Past’ for a nostalgic heads down brew that broils over with acidic flavours. No nostalgia needed; this is the future... And DC is leading the charge.